Monday, April 14, 2014

The end to an amazing journey

Well the end has finally come but we are both okay with that, it has been a long but amazing honeymoon and just so thankful and blessed for the amazing time we had. Day ten we started the morning with an awesome breakfast of course prepared by uncle Teddy! We had portugese sausage and hawaiian sweet bread french toast. We then drove up to Waipio Valley which was just breathtaking, the views were just beautiful! On the way back we stopped at Akaka Falls and Rainbow Falls to see the waterfalls. We did some last minute shopping in Hilo and stopped at Big Island Candy store. Then in the afternoon we had a big get together at grandpa's house with lots of yummy food! We had a big send off and were so happy to get to say goodbye to everyone before we left. We had a short flight back to Oahu before boarding the long overnight flight back to the mainland. Unfortunately neither one of us were able to get comfortable and sleep very well so today (day eleven) was LONG LONG LONG (but worth it)! We already had about a five hour layover but with our unfortunate luck the plane got delayed a little over two hours :-( We made the best of it thank goodness Vegas has a huge airport and we were able to keep ourselves busy and honestly out of all the flights to get delayed that was the best one for it to happen to! Finally we are back home and back in our own bed and it feels so good to be home sweet home. Hope you enjoyed following our journey :-)

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